If we desire a Thalassemia free Pakistan and  breathe in a healthy atmosphere devoid of any sort of  despair and gloom, to protect the future generations from lifelong trauma of blood transfusions and associated complications, psychological depression and financial burdens, then we must join hands in this struggle against the spread of Thalassemia and launch awareness campaigns immediately to eradicate Thalassemia from Pakistan.

Prevention is better than cure. It is better to be safe than sorry. So take a glance into the future with hope and wisdom and take wise decisions to prevent your generations from sufferings.

Urgently contact your nearest lab today and make your forthcoming generation secure from this risk.

 thalassemia major girl

“The choice is yours!

Timely diagnosis of Thalassemia


Regular  Blood transfusions, Costly medications, Regrets, Psychological disorders and Financial burdens for the whole of the family and enormous problems.”