Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognise and appreciate until they have been depleted”—Denis Waitley

The occurring of incidents is the part and parcel of life. The amalgamation of optimism and pessimism is inevitable in the whole universe. Allah Almighty has blessed the human beings with immense valuable possessions. He is the only who test His best of creations in different ways.

In spite of human intellect, destiny plays its significant role. 

When parents are told that their child is suffering from Thalassemia Major and they are responsible for transmitting this disease they tend to feel guilty and get depressed.

Sometimes, due to ignorance and lack of awareness, they face enormous challenges. Thalassemia is distressing not only for the patients but the entire family and the country as well.

Unfortunately, a large portion of our population doesn’t know about this serious and dreadful syndrome unless or until they become victim of it.

Usually, when we table the request, by telling a person that you may be a Thalassemia carrier and you must get your self-tested for this disease, they abruptly retaliate, “I am fine, looking healthy, why should I go for Thalassemia test?”, without acknowledging the fact that Thalassemia minor does not necessarily present any symptoms and earlier diagnosis can save them and their generations from future problems and regrets.

Thalassemia prevalence is high in Pakistan. We must join hands to eradicate this dreadful disease from our society and to save our future generations from it.