Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognise and appreciate until they have been depleted”—Denis Waitley

The occurring of incidents is the part and parcel of life. The amalgamation of optimism and pessimism is inevitable in the whole universe. Allah Almighty has blessed the human beings with immense valuable possessions. He is the only who test His best of creations in different ways.

In spite of human intellect, destiny plays its significant role. 

When parents are told that their child is suffering from Thalassemia Major and they are responsible for transmitting this disease they tend to feel guilty and get depressed.

Sometimes, due to ignorance and lack of awareness, they face enormous challenges. Thalassemia is distressing not only for the patients but the entire family and the country as well.

Unfortunately, a large portion of our population doesn’t know about this serious and dreadful syndrome unless or until they become victim of it.

Usually, when we table the request, by telling a person that you may be a Thalassemia carrier and you must get your self-tested for this disease, they abruptly retaliate, “I am fine, looking healthy, why should I go for Thalassemia test?”, without acknowledging the fact that Thalassemia minor does not necessarily present any symptoms and earlier diagnosis can save them and their generations from future problems and regrets.

Thalassemia prevalence is high in Pakistan. We must join hands to eradicate this dreadful disease from our society and to save our future generations from it. 

How to Prevent Thalassemia

Prevention is certainly better than cure when it come to Thalassemia. There are certain simple tests to diagnose Thalassemia minor status of an individual. It includes a blood CP and Hb Electrophoresis. Ideally it should be done pre-maritally (before marriage) or if not done at that time, then pre-conception or pre-natal test must be done to rule out the possibility of having a Thalassemia major child. 

Thalassemia Diagnosis

Diagnostic technique for determination of Thalassemia carrier status or major is Haemoglobin Electrophoresis.

Diagnostic techniques for determining foetal health are being slowly but progressively incorporated into obstetrical practice. At present the main method of pre-natal diagnosis available in Pakistan is PCR for Thalassemia related mutations on Chorionic Villus Sample (CVS) obtained in 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy.
CVS is done under ultrasound guidance. The sample is subsequently tested by PCR for Thalassemia mutations.
Treatment of Thalassemia is very costly, whereas prevention is quite economical. Hence “Prevention is certainly better than cure” when we are considering Thalassemia.
Thalassemia is a totally “preventable disease” and may be effectively prevented by creating awareness and persuading unmarried people to go for their test on priority basis before getting married or at least in early pregnancy. This fatal disease can be prevented with a simple and inexpensive blood test called “Haemoglobin Electrophoresis”. This blood test costs just a few hundred rupees, which is nothing compare with lifelong trauma of repeated blood transfusions, financial burdens, hospital visits, daily injections, psychological stress and regrets. Counselling must be done in accordance with the cultural and religious guidelines for prevention of Thalassemia.



If we desire a Thalassemia free Pakistan and  breathe in a healthy atmosphere devoid of any sort of  despair and gloom, to protect the future generations from lifelong trauma of blood transfusions and associated complications, psychological depression and financial burdens, then we must join hands in this struggle against the spread of Thalassemia and launch awareness campaigns immediately to eradicate Thalassemia from Pakistan.

Prevention is better than cure. It is better to be safe than sorry. So take a glance into the future with hope and wisdom and take wise decisions to prevent your generations from sufferings.

Urgently contact your nearest lab today and make your forthcoming generation secure from this risk.

 thalassemia major girl

“The choice is yours!

Timely diagnosis of Thalassemia


Regular  Blood transfusions, Costly medications, Regrets, Psychological disorders and Financial burdens for the whole of the family and enormous problems.”


In order to create awareness among the students and general public , TAPP delivered lectures on Thalassemia awareness and prevention so that our future generations could be saved from this fatal blood disorder as prevention is the only key to eradicate Thalassemia. Students are the bright future and builders of any nation. TAPP created awareness at the following Colleges and Universities, Clinics, Hospitals and Public Places.
• International Thalassemia Day8th May’2012 at PNCA, Islamabad
• Indus College, Gujar Khan 27th January 2012
• Pakistan College of Commerce, Adiala Road Rawalpindi 16th February 2012
• Islamabad Model college for Boys, Bhara Kahu Islamabad 23rd February 2012
• National University of Modern Languages H-9 Islamabad 17th April 2012
• Islamabad Model College for Girls F-7/2 2nd May 2012
• TAPP participated and created awareness in Bahbood Fun Gala organized at F-9 Park 1st April 2012?
• TAPP Coordinated with Pakistan Baitul Mall& Thalassemia Major Patient for One Day MD PBM ceremony on 23rd April, 2012
• TAPP , in collaboration with C2C & IMCG, organized first ever Cooking Competition among Thalassemia Major Girls at IMCG F-7/2 Islamabad on 2nd May 2012
• Organized Drawing Competition among Thalassemics of Rawalpindi &Islamabad at PTWS Rawalpindi 4th May 2012?
• Organized International Thalassemia Day at PNCA in collaboration with PNCA & all Thalassemia Organizations of Rawalpindi & Islamabad on 8thMay’ 2012
• Made first ever Thalassemia Awareness Complete Documentary
• TAPP Made first ever song on Thalassemia 23rd April 2012
• Organized first ever stage Drama on Thalassemia, duration 30 minutes at PNCA
• Made special Thalassemia Awareness messages in English and regional languages :*.Urdu *.Panjabi *.Pushto *.Sindhi *.Blochi
• Created Awareness at Swedish Institute of Technology D- Block Satellite town Rawalpindi. 16th November 2012
• Essay Writing Competition among students of different schools and colleges.3rd May 2012
• TAPP Exclusive 30 minutes Talk show on FM 100 Islamabad on 8thMay 2012.
• Special Talk show on Thalassemia,duration 2 hours 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on FM 100 Islamabad 8thMay’ 2012
• Thalassemia Special Program on KOOK TV Channel, Duration 30 minutes on 1st March’ 2012. Available on YouTube.
• Thalassemia Special Program on APNA TV Channel 28thApril’ 2012. Available on You Tube
• Morning Show on Such TV Channel Duration: 1 hour 18th July’ 2012
• Thalassemia Special Program TALASH on Dunia TV Channel Duration: 1 hour 8thAugust’ 2012.
• Participated in various Talk shows and Radio Programs.
• Various interviews in different Newspapers
• Arranged Blood Donation Camps for Thalassemia Major Children
• Organized International Blood Donor Day Function on 10th June’2012 at PNCA in collaboration with NBTP, SBT, GFA, and GIZ & PNCA.
• Organized special stage Drama on World Blood Donor Day 14th June’ 2012.
• TAPP created awareness at Pakistan National Council of the Arts, G -5 Islamabad
• Special Street Theatre on Blood Donation at Lake View Park on 14th June’ 2012.
• TAPP Administered a Genetic Family Counseling session at PIMS and created awareness among Thalassemia Index families.
• TAPP celebrated Independence Day with Thalassemia Major Patients on 14th August’ 2012 at PIMS
• Special Report on Thalassemia Awareness and Prevention aired on ATV News on 15th October 2012
• Thalassemia Awareness & Prevention Seminar at University of Lahore, Blue
Area Campus Islamabad on 5th December 2012.
• Thalassemia Awareness and Prevention Seminar at Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad on 11th December 2012.
• Thalassemia Awareness & Prevention Seminar at Jinnah University Rawalpindi 3rd January 2013
• Thalassemia Awareness & Prevention Lecture at Shifa College of Medicines, Shifa International Hospital Islamabad on 4th February 2013.
• Thalassemia Awareness and Training Session for the Teachers of Federal Directorate of Education FDE Islamabad on 12th February 2013.
• Thalassemia Awareness & Prevention Seminar at Air University E-9 Islamabad on 28th February 2013.
• Meeting with Higher Education Commission on 1st April, 2013
• Meeting with Honorable Chief Justice Of Pakistan on 11th April, 2013
• Thalassemia Awareness and Blood Donation camp at Supreme Court of Pakistan on 20th April, 2013.
• Thalassemia Awareness Seminar at National University of Modern Languages H-9 Islamabad on 24th April, 2013.
• Thalassemia Awareness Lecture at Rawal Medical College Islamabad on 2nd May, 2013.
• International Thalassemia Day Celebrations in collaboration with Higher Education Commission H-9 Islamabad on 8th May, 2013.
• Blood Donation Camp at Supreme Court of Pakistan In collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent Society Islamabad on 8th May, 2013
• Special Live Morning Show regarding Thalassemia on Capital Tv on 8th May, 2013.
• Special Live Morning Show regarding Thalassemia on Such TV on 15th May, 2013.

  • Health Round Up on Health Tv Channel on 14th June, 2013.
    • TAPP organized Thalassemia Awareness Seminar at Vista House, Honslow London on 10th     August, 2013
    • TAPP participated as guest speaker for 3 hours in Bismillah Charity UK’s Live Appeal for Thalassemia on QTV ARY on 4th August, 2013.
    • TAPP’s Interview published in Jung Newspaper London on 20th October,2013.
    • TAPP’s interview broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester and Lancashire UK on 20th October, 2013. Duration 10 minutes
    • TAPP created Thalassemia Awareness among Asians of UK at Regent and Greenford Mosques.
    • TAPP’s Thalassemia Awareness & Prevention program on aired on Pendle Radio Lancashire, UK.  Duration 2 hours. 
    • TAPP created Thalassemia Awareness at Maidenhead Girls Primary School Slough UK (Female gathering) on 27th October, 2013
    • TAPP meeting with Bismillah Charity UK at Luton Office on 20th November,2013.
    • TAPP meeting with UK Thalassemia Society, London United Kingdom on 26th November, 2013.
    • TAPP organized Thalassemia Awareness Seminar at University of Lahore, Blue Area Islamabad Campus on 16th January, 2014.
    • TAPP organized Thalassemia Awareness & Screening camp in collaboration with Lock Virsa and Punjab Thalassemia Prevention Program at Lock Virsa Islamabad on 5th February, 2014.
    • TAPP delivered Thalassemia Awareness & Prevention Lecture to the 1st Year Medical Students  of Shifa College of Medicines, Shifa International Hospital on 10th February, 2014.
    • TAPP organized Thalassemia Awareness Seminar at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL Head Office Islamabad on 17th February, 2014.